On Blog/Life Disparity

Confession: I stopped updating the blog for two full weeks while my boyfriend was visiting me. (You haven’t noticed because the blog hasn’t launched yet.) I decided that since this was the last time he and I would see each other for a while, I wanted to spend my time with him fully and with a degree of privacy.

So there’s a lacuna on the blog where 2 extremely eventful weeks of life had been – which brings me to reflect on the blog/life disparity.

A favorite writing professor once said that all acts of writing are acts of construction. Even if you were writing a diary to yourself, with no audience but yourself, you’re still in the process of constructing a persona of who you are. That’s just a fact of writing and translation. It’s a limitation that compels writers to be purposeful with their words, knowing that the truth of an experience must be mediated some how, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The tendency to construct oneself through writing is exacerbated, even necessitated, on blogs and social media. And that’s something I’d like to be honest about as a writer of this blog – that the closest thing to authenticity I can give is the confession that it would be impossible for me to be transparent, that I’m learning how to balance blog/life as I go along.

That’s not to say that blogging and living “in the moment” are mutually exclusive. On the contrary, reflecting in retrospect can be enriching. But, as these past 2 weeks have shown me, there are some things that I prefer to keep my own and leave unexamined.

So the promise: I might disappear from my blog to live privately from time to time. Sound fair?

And dear reader, I think that this makes our relationship richer and more human. Thanks for sharing moments in my life that I’m open about, and for respecting the times when I need my own space, or when I need to be among those closest to me. As do we all.

This is the part where I usually ask you to weigh in. But that would be a little contradictory considering the “being open about needing privacy” gist of this post, wouldn’t it? So for today’s comment post is: just say something if you wanna say it. If not, that’s cool too.

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