Kicking off… Friday Night In!

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My roommate and I were watching TV when a nightclub scene came on. All of a sudden, she made this disgusted face and said, “That’s, like, my worst nightmare! It’s dark and crowded, and there’s no boba.” I love my roommate.

If you know me personally, you already know that I’m not about that club life. On a Friday after work, I would much prefer slipping on some fuzzy socks and catching up on TV. And if you do like to go hard, or if you fall somewhere in between, that’s awesome, too! This series is still for you.

Friday Night In reflects what I am likely to be doing on Friday nights, which is staying cozy and watching geeky films/TV. Every week, I’ll discuss a favorite TV show, comic, board game, movie – any activity that celebrates pop culture and the weekend introvert life. In turn, you can take this post as a suggestion for your own Friday night in, or for any night that you’d relish being home with your cuddly animal/best friends/socks.

So put on the too-big t-shirt that you didn’t really want but took anyway because it was free, apply your hydrating face mask, and join me! It’s going to be a decidedly chill ride.

Next week, I’m starting things off right by talking about the short-lived-but-brilliant sci-fi Western Firefly. (It’s tiding me over until Season 2 of Westworld, a series which also merits a feature.) Where do you fall on the spectrum of Friday night revelry?

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