At the San Francisco Urban Air Market

This weekend, my friend So Yun and I meandered through the crisp, perennially sweater-weather air of San Francisco. We were in Hayes Valley for the San Francisco Urban Air Market, a marketplace that features independent artists and sustainable design. Vendor tents lined several blocks of the neighborhood, with a free painting party in the center and live musicians tucked into the corners. So Yun and I weaved through wares from jewelry makers, illustrators, alpaca fleece weaversand a surprising number of handmade baby clothes makers.


Does anyone else have mixed feelings about spaces like this? Personally, I’m at once enticed by Millennial culture and deeply skeptical of it. (My discomfort has to do with consumerism and the tendency to co-opt the aesthetic of poverty. It probably deserves a separate blog post.)

But I put my skepticism aside this time, because this event turned out to be an amazing opportunity to talk to a lot of different artists about what they’re excited about. Being surrounded by creative people gives me so much energy and encourages me to think about the world in new ways, and to create more art myself. So all in all, walking through the first fall chill with a friend and talking to artists made for a splendid Sunday afternoon.

And I just couldn’t wait to share all my favorite parts of it with you!

Art + Tech Collide

So Yun and I met the effervescent Jennifer Arzt, the founder of TRY Studio. TRY Studio integrates the capabilities of a web platform with the intimacy of a one-on-one art class. The platform brings together art teachers and connects them, online or irl, with people of all levels who have an interest in learning that craft. This model brings together everything that I cherish about my background in the arts and my new experiences in tech.

Jennifer had even set up a station to make notebooks with glue sticks and washi tape! So Yun’s creation (pictured!) was so beautifully done, reminding me that I am lucky to have such have awesome and talented friends.

Whimsical pottery

So Yun and I both stopped short in front of her booth, we were both so immediately captivated. The artist Tomoko (@tomokosceramicart) is a lovely woman based in Oakland; I couldn’t help but smile at the bright, airy aesthetic of her ceramic bowls.

Succulents… succulents everywhere.

Because it wouldn’t be a Millennial-oriented event without ’em. I lost count instantly.

Bulbasaurs! You know, for all of your succulent- and “only 90s kids will remember”-related needs 😉

How was your weekend, friends? What gives you creative energy? Do you, as a Millennial, also have weird feelings about youth culture?? If so, let’s talk.

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