In Brief: Dealing with the world right now

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If you live anywhere a source of news media, you will know that this has not been the best week for the world. You don’t even me to link to the events that have cast long shadows over the past few days. While bright things are happening every day – much of which I want to share with you – it feels disingenuous of me to share them without first addressing things that for all I know could be affecting you directly.

So this is me checking up on you. You ok? What’s helping you reorient?

How do you reclaim your time and health? (I steer clear of Facebook and Twitter; my feeds can be toxic, and I don’t need that 24/7.) Who do you talk to? Who can you sit in silence with?

Have you been able to feel out your range of emotions as they evolve? (I think this is incredibly important, especially if one is from a marginalized background whose anger has been historically policed.)

Do you find renewal in art, your own or others’? What puts things into perspective for you? (A friend once said it comforted her to talk to her great-grandfather, who lived in Japan during World War II. He reassured her with something to the effect of “It can be horrible, but this too shall pass.”)

When you’ve regained resolve, how do you move forward? How do you take action not only with your time, your money, your words? How do you carve out joy in the world, your own or others’? (Call me cliché, but I truly believe that small, sincere acts of compassion have a ripple effect.)

Clearly, this blog isn’t all sprinkles and sunshine, because that’s not my life. And I’m willing to bet that that’s not yours, either. I wish I had wisdom to give, like Here are 5 things you can do right now to repair everything! But I don’t think that truly meaningful answers are so easily obtained.

So what I lack in wisdom, I guess I make up for in questions. These are the ones that I’ve been asking myself lately. I hope that they lead you someplace a little more serene.

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