What’s in store for December on La Pia en Rose?

Every year, I’m dumbfounded by the pace of Novembers. The rapidity was most distinct when I was living in New England: At the start of the month, the gold-crimson leaves crown the tops of trees and litter the sidewalks. By December, the leaves are gone, and the tree branches cut emaciated silhouettes against a gray swath of sky.

For me, November encompasses the biggest events of the entire year. I celebrated my first birthday in the adult world, celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday while we were on opposite coasts, spent time with family in Southern California, and flew to Hawaii for Thanksgiving! And in between those big events, I undertook my most ambitious creative writing project.

All this to say: you and I have a lot of catching up to do. Here’s what’s in store for the holiday season on La Pia en Rose:

  • What NaNoWriMo taught me about being an artist
  • My new favorite¬†independent bookstore in the Bay Area
  • Wonder: a book and movie adaptation review
  • Reviews of 2 novels by Asian American authors
  • Filipino American holiday traditions
  • The care and keeping of your long-distance relationship

…and a partridge in a pear tree! Stay tuned, friends.

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